Advocating for Transitional Justice, Universal Jurisdiction, and Civil Liberties for Eelam Tamils


Tamil Rights Group (TRG) is a newly established international not-for-profit organisation (Corporation No. 1230398-1), headquartered in Markham, Canada, that seeks to further strengthen advocacy efforts for transitional justice and universal jurisdiction for Eelam Tamils through leveraging international law, expanding global diplomacy, and defending their civil liberties within Sri Lanka. To this new chapter, TRG brings together a multigenerational team, deep networks within civil society in the traditional homelands and across the diaspora, and activists directly connected to the struggle for Eelam Tamil rights since the early 1970s.

Our Focus

Leverage International Law

Our most pressing goal is to help achieve transitional justice for Eelam Tamils through universal jurisdiction and lawfare.

Expand Global Diplomacy

We seek to expand global diplomacy to renew geopolitical participation and identify new areas of support.

Defend Civil Liberties

Establish a civil liberties union within Sri Lanka to support fundamental rights cases and legislative reform.

Land Acknowledgment

Tamil Rights Group respectfully acknowledges that we are situated on the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat, Anishnabeg, Seneca, Chippewa, and the current treaty holders Mississaugas of the Credit peoples. We thank you for allowing us to continue our work in your territory.