Our Strategic Plan 2020-24​

Our Strategic Plan

The Tamil Rights Group (TRG) is committed to ensuring transitional justice and self-determination for Eelam Tamils and protection of the rights of all minority and targeted groups in Sri Lanka. TRG functions as a space for robust collaboration between seasoned advocates and experts, and young and upcoming activists based in the homeland and diaspora communities, who acknowledge the urgency of obtaining justice and accountability for the structural genocide of Eelam Tamils, and the war crimes and crimes against humanity which were committed at the last phase of the war in 2009.

The current government of Sri Lanka unilaterally withdrew from the UN resolutions it co-sponsored in 2015 and thrives on a system of impunity and ethno-religious extremism. The TRG thus seeks to take forward the Transitional Justice process through universal jurisdiction and international law by employing the use of lawfare. We plan to engage and work closely with countries who value human rights, justice, and pluralism, and other actors in the international community to further our goal of Transitional Justice and to hold the Sri Lankan government accountable for its ongoing chauvinistic actions and policies. We also seek to establish a civil liberties union in Sri Lanka which would champion structural reform, protect the human rights and freedoms, educate the public on their rights and legal mechanisms, and provide a platform for Eelam Tamils and minority groups to engage in discussion and achieve political solutions to their challenges and problems.

This strategic plan details the work of TRG over the next four years and sets realistic goals for the ways in which TRG would work and grow in this period. The TRG will develop annual plans which would present each year’s activities greater detail and ensure that these are structured in a manner that would realise longer-term goals and visions. TRG would conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation to learn and improve the impact of our work. TRG’s work is driven by the mission to achieve transitional justice for Eelam Tamils, and uphold and protect the human rights of Muslim and marginalised communities in Sri Lanka.